Arctic Express and more snow!

18 01 2008


After the last snow system, most residents picked up betwen 3-6″ of new snowfall from Omaha to the South. The bullseye occured in Southwestern Iowa with up to 6″ of new snow fell. Highs will be in the teens and single digits for all of the next 7 days. The coldest which will occur over the weekend and at the end of next weekend.

More Snow?

Yes! More snow in is forecasted across Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. The GSF has been rather consistant with this storm and with most of the storms this year it has been very accurate. It displays a good swath of snowfall from Western Nebraska through Iowa with such areas as Grand Island, Valentines Des Moines and Chicago in the Plains seeing the most snowfall. Things may change so dont bet on this, but the GFS model has been rather consistant and i have made up an eastern Nebraska map:


I will update the blog more until i get more computer model data and refine my forecast if it needs.





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