Snow and what it does to the Temperatures

24 01 2008

Always the Meteorologist tend to over do the temperatures once we have had 6″ sitting on the ground for more than 3 weeks. When a warm up comes, thet get to get to excited about the big warm up(Ch. 6) and just throw numbers out basing it off the Infamous GFS(Global Forecast System). I have started developing my own formula for this so i can better forecast. Basically, their will be a big warm up this weekend. Some meteorologist say it will touch near 50 monday. Do you really believe that? I am not one to criticize other peoples forecast but come on, haven’t you learned your lesson from the past occurances?

For Example for this weekend, i expect a high temperature on Saturday of 38 degrees, due to the extensive snow cover on the ground. Sunday will feature a high of 42 due to still the snow cover. And Monday with a high near 39. Then, as you know it, the next arctic blast comes down into the plains and you would think we would get some more snow, right? BINGO! But i will get into that later. First i will explain my latest research with snow and how much impact it has on the temperature;

12″ of snowfall = 15 degree Impact in Temperature
6″ of snowfall = 6-11 degree’s of impact on temperature
Below 6″ of snowfall = Below 6 degrees of impact on temperature

This is the formula i will using anytime their is snow cover on the ground

Stay tuned for my next entry about the extended outlook!




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