Warm Weather & Cold Weather & More Snow!

27 01 2008

Warm Weather

The warm up continues with highs skyrocketing in the lower 40’s for the next 2 days. You know the saying, What comes up must come down! And you little kids will be able to make snow castles and snow men and what not! perfect weather for snow sculpture making. 32 degrees = Stickier Snow

The Return of the Arctic!

You know it had to happen again folks! After our brief warm spell, it looks as if it will all come to an end late monday night. Interesting enough that the GFS has been depicting that a storm system gives Eastern Nebraska and Southwest 40 MPH winds with an inch of Snowfall on Tuesday with lower 20* temperatures. With the wind, no doubt that the wind chill could be kept below that! Maybe even below zero! Could be reduced visibilties with the snowfall!

More Snow after that?

Looks like their may be a strong storm system in the plains and the latest models have been giving Eastern Nebraska a snow storm or south of Nebraska a snowstorm. Who, knows but we will keep watching!


Weather Map




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