Snow stays south and another shot of snow in the forecast

30 01 2008

Wow, what a very chilly day! Just think, we were near 60* 2 days ago and we only managed a 15* high temperature for today!

Short Term Forecast – Wednesday Night – Sunday

Their will be a powerful upper level storm system developing in the desert southwest then it will be on the move into the texas panhandle. It will begin to pull up Gulf Moisture. The areas most proned to snowfall or if any, will be Falls City Nebraska and extreme NW Missouri. Northwest Missouri stands a chance at only 1″ of snowfall, if that will happen. The latest GSF(Global Forecast System) is forecasting 2-4″ of snow for Kansas City, 4-6″ for St. Louis, 6-8″ for South East kansas. Just think those areas had Severe Thunderstorms the day before with 60’s and 70’s for highs. But most of Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa will experience dry and very cold conditions. Some meteorologist tend to over forecast the high temperatures with these Arctic outbreaks in place. So i will go for low to upper teens for highs from I-80 on northward with south of that line seeing possibly 19-22 degrees for a high temperature. As we head into TGIF Day(Thank God It’s Friday!) the balmy pattern with commence once again on Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa! Highs will get into the 30’s for highs and western iowa will experience highs in the upper 20’s. The high temperatures should mainly be from the lower to mid 30’s throughout the Omaha Weather Office viewing area. Dry weather i expected for the Short Term Forecast period so get outside and enjoy it!

Here is my forecasted totals for the whole storm, i could not leave my Southern friends out of this!


Long Term Forecast – Sunday Night – Thursday[next Week]

The quiet weather should be short lived and a new storm system will be gathering strength over the four corner region as we head into sunday. I have been looking at the latest Computer Models, and the GFS has been rather inconsistent with this storm system. Ever other run it has a pretty strong storm with the low pressure moving in southern Kansas in through Kansas City then through the western great lakes. Previous runs have indicated that Eastern Nebraska would see 3-5″ of new snowfall Sunday Night through Monday. As of 4:30 PM today, the latest GSF indicated that a weaker storm will happen and only maybe an inch of snowfall tops. The European Computer model has been indicating a good storm system with good snows in Eastern Nebraska. So the verdict is out on this storm and until the storm moves on land and the models start agreeing with each other, i will start putting out snowfall predictions. Models have also been indicating that this storm may be mixed with some rain or freezing rain and a secondary low pressure later mid week, but also the latest information suggest that one is out to lunch as well. Temperatures after this storm passes will be int he 20’s for the rest of the week so typical weather for early February.

So yet again another near miss from a storm in Eastern Nebraska and NO SNOWDAYS yet School Kids and Teachers.I will be making a snow day page soon displaying closing and Omaha Weather Office’s Snow day scale.

Ask Craig a Weather Question!

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Thanks for reading!

Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations of Omaha Weather Office




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