Next Storm System?

1 02 2008

Short Term Forecast – Friday Night – Monday

I have been looking at weather data all day long. And currently the GFS has been suggesting that the precip starts off as a bit of snow Sunday afternoon then swtiches over to some freezing rain Sunday Night. Currently between sunday and sunday night the total precip water equivalent would equal to .10-25. across the Omaha Weather Office viewing area. Now the NAM computer model has been suggesting mostly the same scenario, but less precip. With .10 and less. Both models have the perfect track for Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa for a good storm, but the models are not developing it into a monster storm like the last one the southern plains experienced. The time period from 5 PM to Midnight Sunday night would suggest the best shot for Freezing Rain, with scattered freezing rain into the morning. That is typically not a great time to get a snow day, but a little ice on the roads can make a BIG difference. Right now on my Snow Day Scales map i would have to put using in the low end of the ice rain with a 20-40% chance of a snow day. Over this weekend should be beautiful for Weekend activities as well as the Creightion Basketball game at Qwest Center! Highs should be in the 30’s and 40’s this weekend with lows in the teens. Skys should look partly cloudy to Cloudy early Sunday morning.

Long Term Forecast – Monday Night – Next Friday

Most of the week should be pretty tranquil and boring weather wise if you love nice weather! highs will generally be in the 20’s and 30’s through the Viewing area. With partly cloudy skys. I did notice that the past GFS Computer Model run was showing a storm developing around thursday next week with a low pressure centered in western kansas. Currently, the low looks weak and the brunt of it currently looks to be to the East of our viewing area. So besides the fact that we still have a storm to watch this monday, nothing really else is going on in the weather world. However, things can fastly change with any storm system and it is important that you stay tuned to this website.

Southern Winter Storm Overview

I have to say i did excellent with my map i posted yesterday! But i also have to say i did poor with forecasting the totals for the Eastern Great lakes. Later i will have my map up again with some of the EXACT totals on it!

Remember you can still ask me weather questions at!


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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