Analysis of the latest GFS Computer Model

2 02 2008

Analysis of the latest GFS Computer Model

Folks, since it is the weekend and an impending MAJOR winter storm may occure from the time frame of Sunday – Tuesday. I will be doing frequent blog updates so please stay tuned.

First Frame;


Moisture starts developing in the Colorado Mountains on sunday morning. Cold temperatures continue in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.


Moisture continues to develope in Eastern Nebraska Sunday Evening with .10 of ice expected due to the 32 degree line close to omaha. At this point roads could be starting to get very slick


Moderate Precip is over much of Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa at this point early Monday morning with near .15-20 of ice expected up to this point. Currently, as you look at my snow day scale, that would equal to 20-40% shot of a snowday.


Precipitation leaves the Nebraska side and western iowa continues to get in on the Freezing Precip. Next round of precip expected soon in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa


Low pressure developing in Southwest Kansas. Very light precip starting to develop west of the viewing area. Freezing line well south in Southeast Nebraska.

Freezing rain may be starting to occur once again in this area in Eastern Nebraska and western Iowa with the freezing line very close to the Omaha area.

Eastern Nebraska would be currently expecting Freezing Rain/Sleet Snow at this point early Tuesday morning. Winds will begin to increase. And if theirs enough ice, Winds + ice on trees = bad news


Precip currently looks to be west of the eastern Nebraska area. With the low pressure in a PERFECT track for heavy snows here in eastern nebraska. But why does it not show it! because the storm is kinda too fast and progressive. But i have learned that if the storm is in the right place, we still have to watch this as it will probbley change in strength

Currently at this point in Mid day Tuesday, we would be experiencing strong winds and very light snow with the freezing line well east of the Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs area.

Just like the last frame, this computer model shows tuesday afternoon experiencing light snow and strong winds once again. Travel may be not advised and schools MAY be closed on Tuesday

Storm looks to move to the east, east of Chicago. Back edge of windy conditions and snow is what is expected from this particular computer model on Wednesday over Extreme Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

Their you go, a complete run down on the GLOBAL FORECAST SYSTEM(GFS) Computer model on what is saying on this particular storm from Monday- Wednesday. My thinking is that. I will not begin to go on any side weather i agree with the GFS or NAM until one of the models agrees with the other one. Currently, the NAM has a different story with the first part but starts a more pott. bigger snow storm late monday.

Video Weather Forecast Coming Soon!

Yes, you heard me right! Soon, i will be doing Short Term Forecast in Thunderstorms, snowstorms to give you a heads up on how much longer you will be experiencing whatever precip that is occuring!

More updates will be made with other models!

Stay tuned!


Craig McPeck




One response

2 02 2008
Jimmy Owens

Nice weather maps, Craig! I really like the vector fields on there.

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