Freezing Rain/Snow Chances later tonight(Sunday Night)

4 02 2008

Short Term Forecast – Sunday Night – Tuesday

Well it appears, that their will be another period of pott. hazardous weather after midnight tonight. The GSF model developes freezing rain over East Central Nebraska and some snow north of that area. I am expecting near a quarter of an inch of precip from east central nebraska on eastward and northward. The omaha, Council Bluffs, Norfolk may experience some glazing on streets. We may have a little bit of a better chance of a Snow Day monday, but i would not count your chickens on this. I would say that .15 of ice over East Central Nebraska would be possible with a 20-40% chance of a snowday. The key is getting most of this after the midnight hour in order to have a Snow day. As we head through the rest of the day, the Low pressure situated just SE of the Omaha area and the warm front in Western Iowa, highs should warm near 35+ South of Columbus to omaha area, and cooler to the north. Their should be some patchy drizzel throughout the day. As we head into later Monday Night -Tuesday, their may be a brief bout of light snowfall with any accumulations in far northeast nebraska.

Long Term Forecast – Tuesday Night – Saturday

As we head into the Time frame of Tuesday night through Thursday, it may be the calm before the storm if you will, if the GFS model is correct. It developes a low much south of Nebraska, and is showing a scenario much like the BIG snowstorm Kansas and Missouri had days ago. While, the NAM shows nothing with this storm, it still bears watching. I am not leaning to any particular model right now, but the GFS has been the most accurate with winter storms. Even if that model were right the 3-5″ of snowfall would miss us, but still bears watching as the track can change. After this potentional snowstorm somewhere in the plains, it looks like a few flurries for Thursday. Highs will mainly be in the 30’s for the rest of the week with tranquil weather.

SnowDay Cast

Snow Day Cast coming soon!




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