Mid Day Weather Update

7 02 2008

Todays Weather Threat : 1

Todays Weather Overview

Todays weather started out very chilly, with temperatures starting up at a chilly 10* F. The day is suppose to be very nice with temperatures in the 30’s and Sunny Skys.

Snow Showers Friday Morning

The last few model runs have been developing a few snow showers starting after midnight tonight and lasting into the morning hours. This will be nothing big as not enough moisture will be with this storm. More snow with up to 1″ of snow is possible in Iowa.


After a brief warm spell, the Arctic air will start filtering into the area after midnight Friday Night. Highs will be up to 30* right before midnight, but will fall like a rock as the COLD FRONT continues to move south. As the colder weather comes through, Snow showers will be evident across the area Saturday-Saturday night will winds 20-30 MPH. After noon saturday highs should be near 15 degrees and winds chills well below zero. Sunday should be COLD with highs near 18 degrees with even windier conditions with winds gust up to 40 MPH west of Eastern Nebraska expected.

Calm Before the storm?

The models have been developing a storm system monday-tuesday in the central plains. This storm looks very similar to the last one we had. I do recall seeing this same image Sunday night 2 days before our last storm. It was almost exact. Even though the models have it south of us, anything can change and it has proved that it can change until the night before the storm. This storm defiently bears watching as it is looking very much like the last storm with big warm sector and severe weather and snow on the NW side.



This is waht the ukmet is saying and that would be a great Colorado Low Type Storm.

Weather Term of the Day!

Weather Term : Snow Drift

A snowdrift is a deposit of snow created by wind into a mound during snowstorms. They resemble sand dunes and are formed in a similar manner, namely, wind moving light snow and depositing it when the wind is slowed, usually against a stationary object.

Weather Definition found on WikiPedia.

Thanks for tuning in today and please stay tuned to the arctic air and possible storm early next week!


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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