The GFS and its thoughts as well as new Snow day Scale!

7 02 2008

The Storm has Ended!

The metro picked up between 4-5″ of snowfall. But unfortunately most Omaha Schools remained open during the day as surrounding schools closed! Areas near Falls City picked up between 7-9″ of new snowfall. Obviously, we missed the brunt once again but their is still rest of this month and March! March can been one of the worst months, as it proved itself last march;

Anymore Snow Chances?

Yes! But very small throughout the next few days, very light snow showers are possible. The GFS model has been developing a low pressure in kansas next tuesday with moisture extending up into our area. The GFS, takes most of the snow North and South of the area;

Thought this is still a ways away and anything can change of course. This model was also developing a low pressure around the 15th with very heavy snow in our area. The past run has shown zilch, but i will continue to watch it!

New Snow Day Map!

Yes! New snow day map has been implemented, see the Snow Day page for details! Times have been included this time!

Until the next post,

Craig McPeck – Chief Forecasting Operations




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