The Winds of change!

9 02 2008

Todays Weather Threat : 1

Weather Overview

The winds have change have blown through Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa this Saturday! Earlier on temperatures were in the mid 30’s this morning, but as the strong front went through temperatures plummeted in the teens and 20’s with gusty north northwest winds. Cold temperatures should continue through the weekend with highs Sunday in the Single Digits, Teens and 20’s. Lows should be below zero Sunday night and near 0 degrees saturday night for most locals.

Extended Outlook
Any Winter Storms on the horizon?

As we head through Monday and tuesday a few snow showers will be evident from I-80 on northward but nothing major is expected with this event. Mid week should be dry with 20’s and 30’s for high temperatures. As we head into the latter end of the week things begin to change with a BANG! On thursday a storm system should start developing in Western Kansas with Winds increasing as well as snow across the area. VERY strong winds as well as BLIZZARD conditions could be possible Thursday thorugh Friday across Nebraska and Iowa, take a look at this graphic;

The closer the wind bars on the map are the stronger the winds are. This storm has been getting stronger and stronger with each run and the GFS is saying between 1-5″ for Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa for the entire event;

This storm will have to be watched as it could produce BLIZZARD conditions across the area! After the storm passes things should quiet down but things shall COOL down! High should be over next week in the 20’s and teens across the region!

Current Midwest Snowfall for the whole winter;

I would say that we are far ahead of average and should reach our 30″ by the end of March!

Severe Weather Forecast 08′

Dont forget about my Severe Weather Season Forecast coming soon!




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10 02 2008

I am looking forward to your severe weather forecast. This is a great blog I read it daily…Keep up the good work!

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