Bitter Cold Today!

10 02 2008

Todays Weather Threat : 1

Bitter Cold This Sunday!

Today will be the coldest we have been all February with highs not making it to above 10* for most locals. We should be socked into clouds witha few snow showers scattered about today. No accumulation is expected as these showers will be very brief. Tonights lows should bottom out in the single digits for lows tonight with below zero temps north of I-80.

Snow Showers Monday then possible BIG BLIZZARD VALENTINES DAY?

Folks, the temperatures should rise on Monday, but as they do so, snow showers should move in from the Northwest and if any accumulations should occur, it should be under 1″. More in Iowa as they could pick up 1-3″ of snowfall. Day time highs should be in the teens and 20’s. And lows Monday Night should be in the single digits for low temperatures. Tuesday – Wednesday weather should be tranquil with warmer weather. Tuesdays high temperature should be in the upper 20’s for most locals in Eastern NEbraska and Western Iowa and Highs in the low-Upper 30’s for highs on Wednesday!

Now, did i say Valentines Day Blizzard? I did! The GFS has been depicting a blizzard for Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa Thursday. But every model run has been flipping back and forth between 1″ and 6+ inches for Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. The model run that came out 8:00 this morning was depicting 3-8″ of snowfall for Thursday-Friday in Eastern Nebraska and High Winds in excess of 40-50 MPH! Then at the latest run it only depicted 1″ of snow with strong winds but not as strong as first run. The fact is, the models haven’t came on toa solid reason to what will happen and the flip flop between these models will likely continue for a few more days until the event. But i would plan on Valentines Day being a Rather snowy and windy one!


The Latest GFS is just coming out at 9:41 PM. It is showing a Low Pressure System in western South Dakota but disspears with each run. Looks like a stripe of snowfall in Southern South Dakota with 3-5″ expected that the GFS is saying with 5+ inches in Central South Dakota. Anywhere from Extreme Northeast Nebraska Northwest Iowa to Northern Central Iowa to Cedar Rapids should see 3-5″ of snowfall if the GFS verifies. With areas south of that line seeing less then 1″ of snowfall. Areas in Central South Dakota should see 5-7″ of snowfall if indeed the GSF verifies.

Until then…..


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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