More Snow or No Show?

11 02 2008

Afternoon update will be made at 2:30 PM this Tuesday

Radar Update

More Snow!

More snow is on the way for parts of the Central US! Snowfall has been falling in South Dakota, Central Iowa and Northeast Nebraska most of the day. Models have been forecasting anywhere from 1-2″ in Central Iowa and Northeast Nebraska. With areas in Northern Iowa and South East South Dakota seeing 3-5″ of snowfall. East Central Nebraska, Central will probbley not even see 1″, but by looking at the radar trends, their is a area of light snow in Western South Dakota and is moving Southeast, if it moves a bit further south it could give those areas under 1″ of snow, but i am highly doubting that. Here is my snowfall prediction;

Cold Weather Continues with minor warm up

As we head into Tuesday, the snow shall end and cold conditions shall prevail with highs in the teens and 20’s for highs. As we head through Wednesday, highs shall sky rocket in the 30’s and 40’s for highs! Now what about the late week storm? The GFS, NAM have been really weakening this storm with just very light snow at most with an 1″ or less for most locals. The GFS suggest this with strong winds up to 40 MPH.

What about the extended?

Folks, i would bet on this forecast just because soley its on the GFS, but the GFS was indicating a HUGE warm up for the entire Central US with highs as far north a Iowa and Nebraska seeing 50’s for highs. The GFS was also indicating on day 16 for some Thunderstorms across the area. Again, this is 16 days away, i would not plan around the 16 day forecast, but i do think we will have a MAJOR warm up in the next two weeks.

Thank you to all my readers! Website Stats skyrocket!

I would like to thank everyone that has kept checking back on this website. I have to say that our website statistics over the past 1 day has been tremendous. Around 8 PM last night until right now at 11:55 AM Monday, we have had 102 page views. For this website to continue to grow, it would be a big help to refer a few people to this website a day. Again, a big thank you to all my readers and visitors and i will continue to provide you with detailed up-to-date forecast. Here are the weekly stats of this website;

Again thank you to all my readers and viewers!


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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