Morning Update on Snow System

11 02 2008

Mid Day Update – 11:38 AM

The Newest GFS just came out and is showing a bit less amounts of snow with this system. The areas that look to get the most snow at this point are extreme NE Nebraska, Extreme NW Iowa Southest South Dakota and parts of central south dakota. Their may even be a 5+ amount in Central South Dakota if the GFS varifies. If you look at the current radar as of 11:41 AM, their is a very light band of snowfall in Northeast Nebraska and Central Iowa. Only a dusting is expected with this first round to as much as 1″. Radar trends show that a heavier band of snow is moving out of South Dakota into Northern Nebraska and should reach areas north of i-80 mainly after 4-5 PM this afternoon. Areas north of I-80 stand a chance at 1″ with areas in northeast nebraska 1-3″.

Thank you to all my readers! Website Stats skyrocket!

I would like to thank everyone that has kept checking back on this website. I have to say that our website statistics over the past 1 day has been tremendous. Around 8 PM last night until right now at 11:55 AM Monday, we have had 102 page views. For this website to continue to grow, it would be a big help to refer a few people to this website a day. Again, a big thank you to all my readers and visitors and i will continue to provide you with detailed up-to-date forecast. Here are the weekly stats of this website;

Morning Update on Snow System
8:09 AM

The GFS is forecasting 4-6″ of snowfall up in Central South Dakota. But the NAM is doing the same. Areas south of that like Northwest Iowa Northern Iowa and Cedar Rapids should pick up 3-5″ of new snow. Areas south of that line are expected to get 1-2″ such as Norfolk Nebraska, Des Moines. Areas even further South of that line should see an inch or less. The NGM however shows much less snow with South Dakota seeing 2-4″ with isolated 5″ amounts. And most of Northern and Southeast Iowa seeing 1-3″ and Chicago seeing 2-5″. Areas of most of Nebraska would mainly see nothing. The verdict is still out, and the NGM is not agreeing with the GFS & NAM. I am going to go with the NAM and the GFS mainly because they agree with each other.

Afternoon update expected!






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