Warm up then Snow!

12 02 2008

Hello again folks! Boy has it been a cold long stretch! Today in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa highs were only in the teens for highs with isolated 20’s!

Warm up on the way! Than more snow?

A very brief warm spell will engulf the region Wednesday with highs temps below 32* along and north of Interstate 80 and as high as 36 south of I-80. That will surely feel good compared to out teens for highs we have been experiencing!

As we head into valentines day, things begin to change, an arctic front shall move through the area with an area of snow moving in the afternoon hours. Along with the snow and VERY cold temps winds should be gusting over 40 MPH during the snow and their could be near blizzard conditions for a time! The snow should end Thursday evening with temps continuing to cool down. I would say if you are going out with that special someone you should not hesitate to go! Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa should only receive up to 1″ of snowfall. Things will quickly cool down on Friday with teens for High Temperatures.


According to longe range models, the area is in store for a MAJOR warm up across the area with possible 40’s and 50’s for highs! And rain chances will be common across the week as high temperatures will be above 32*!

For you guys in Troop 44 up at Beveridge, i will be doing a CampCast soon for your guys campout this weekend!




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13 02 2008

Yay, more warmness!

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