Morning Update on V-Day System

13 02 2008

Mid Day Update on Northern Plains Snowstorm
12:05 PM

By looking at various computer model data, the nam and the GFS is almost identicle and i have came up with my forecasted totals map for the Northern Plains Snow Storm,

A more detailed update will be made soon.

Morning Update on V-Day System
7:51 AM

The GFS was indicating at nothing more then a dustin to 1/2″ of snowfall thursday over much of Iowa and Nebraska. Areas of Northern IOwa look to get 1″ of snowfall. The GFS was indicating 3-5″ of Snowfall for Central Minnesota, Central South Dakota and Wisconsion. Their will also be very strong winds from 35-40 MPH. So whatever snow you manage to get will be wipped around and drfited especially up north. Areas near Green Bay may get 6+ Inches of new snowfall. So if you are planning to go out on V-Day, do so! The weather will not be that bad.






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