Omaha Weather Office Expands Forecast Area!

13 02 2008

Omaha Weather Office Expands Forecast Area!

Hello fellow readers. The Omaha Weather Office has expanded their Forecast area from Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa to the whole states of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota. You may view the map below;

Valentines Day Storm System

The computer model are coming into better agreement. If you are going out with a special someone on Valentines day you better listen up. The Gfs was forecasting 1-3 inches of Snowfall for cities such as Chicago, northern Iowa, Sioux City, Northeast South Dakota, Eastern North Dakota. The NAM basically agreeing with these amounts but is a bit further north, so i went witha in between solution and you will see what i am projecting snowfall total wise with a map below this writing. Strong winds above 30 MPH will also be expected with blowing and drifting of snowfall expected. If you live in Iowa and Nebraska, things will begin to change mid morning, a STRONG Cold front will blast through the region with a line of snow showers and strong winds gusting to 40 MPH. Only a dusting to 1/2″ of snow is expected with this, but snow showers, combined with strong winds and cold temps will equal to a few traffic problems and very cold wind chills of -1 – -20. After the strong cold front moves through much of the Forecast region will be below zero with the exception of Kansas and Missouri overnight Thursday. Highs will be in the 30’s 20’s and 10’s and single digits for highs friday with the warmest temperatures expected for Missouri and Kansas. The weekend shall get much warmer with 40’s, 30’s and 20’s for highs for most locals for the weekend with mostly sunny skys to a few clouds.


Folks, a HUGE warm up is expected for the central state next week. The warm up should begin early next week for most people with places as far north as Nebraska and Iowa experiencing 50’s for high temps later next week! 60’s and 70’s will even be possible for Kansas and far southern Missouri. Spring will be coming back folks, but it appears to be in chunks. Will this be a small event or a pattern of warmth for the rest of the winter? I am forecasting this warm up just to last a week long with possibly a few storm systems bring some rain and thunderstorms for kansas, Missouri and Nebraska and Iowa. As we head near March, the GFS was developing a storm system with back lash system snows as well as the return of more winter temps for the region. After that the GFS digs back the warmth in time for march. Very interesting that the Gfs on the 23rd of February, it was developing an Ice or Snowstorm for Nebraska and Iowa Northward with cooler temps on the backside. It may be something to watch for but then again, it is so far away and the GFS model flips so much.

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