MAJOR Winter Storm Possible for Parts of the OWO Viewing Area

14 02 2008

NAM Model Just Came Out
8:40 PM Update

The latest NAM computer model just came out and what a doosey. The NAM is going crazy with precip amounts. The NAM is showing near 2″ of precip for Kansas City. Most of the system would be warm enough for rain for cities such as Cedar Rapids, Chicago Kansas City. But as the storm moves east and Northeast wrap around heavy snow bands set up from Oklahoma to Kansas City to Cedar rapids. Chicago actually get a good dousing of rainfall for most of the event, with what the nam is showing. Finaly as the storm moves east, Chicago could get on some snow but not as much as Cedar rapids or Kansas City. For all you readers in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa looks like the snow line would stop at a Fremont Columbus line with 1 to possibly 2″ of snowfall for Omaha and Lincoln possibly 1-3″. The NAM has actually showed extreme SE nebraska and SW Iowa 4-7″ of snowfall. on the warm side of the storm, looks like a good heavy rain producer and maybe some severe weather in Texas on Saturday and Sunday. Well that was the NAM update for tonight.

UKMET Comes out
4:33 PM Update

The latest UKMET model has came out and here is it general storm track;

It would put a swatch of Snow from Kansas City to Cedar Rapids to Chicago.

I will dedicate most of my postings to the Winter Storm that may impact parts of our viewing area Sunday-Tuesday.

MAJOR Winter Storm Possible for Parts of the OWO Viewing Area

Folks, looks like we have another Winter storm on our hands for the Central Plains. I have been looking at various models the whole day and let me run down what each of them said. The 12z GEM Model;

Was shooting the low right over Chicago. This would put some snow into Cities such as Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Chicago possibly Omaha Nebraska, kansas city. The euro model was pretty much in line with this model pushing it right over Chicago. The latest NAM had gone much further north and was agreeing with the GEM and Euro;

The latest gfs had not bugged from its earlier computer runs with areas such as Kansas City, Cedar Rapids and Chicago seeing some heavy snow amounts;

Most of the computer models as of now are going with a much more NW track so i am using a blend of the models and issing a Winter Storm Alert;

This is a very early guess and the storm could change rapidly from model run to model run, but this is what im thinking for today.

Severe Weather Expected with Storm System

Heavy Rain and Severe Thunderstorms are expected in Texas and parts of Eastern Oklahoma on Sunday.

Folks i would stay tuned to this weather blog as i will have more updates as more model runs come in.


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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