Late Night Update on GSF and Nam Models

16 02 2008

Late Night Update on GSF and Nam Models
10:28 PM

GFS Model Update

The GFS model came out much further NW with now Central Iowa to East Central Nebraska to in the Cedar rapids areas. The GFS had the low tightly wrapped up moving over Chicago through Monday. areas such as Kansas City, St Louis, Chicago would stay rain for most of the event, but chicago could do a brief switchover at the end of the storm. On the cold side, looks like areas such as Des Moines, Omaha Nebraska, Falls City Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska and possibly Concordia Kansas may have freezing rain/sleet at the begining of the event with snow at the end.All of Central and Western Nebraska and South Dakota will miss out on this storm. Here our some storm total snowfall amounts that may occur;

Omaha Nebraska ; 2-5″
Lincoln Nebraska ; 2-5″
Falls City Nebraska ; 4-7″
Des Moines IA ; 5-10″
Cedar Rapids Iowa ; 6-12″

This is all based on what the GFS model what interpreting. The further NW trend may continue or may shift SE. Their is still plenty of time for change, so this solution is not locked in. Below here is a storm total precip for the GFS;

Nam Model Update

The NAM model was further SE then the last model run that came out earlier in the day. Areas in East Central Nebraska and North Central Iowa would only end up with 1″ of snowfall. Areas in Southeast Nebraska, NE Kansas Southern Iowa and Eastern Iowa could get between 3-12″ of snowfall. Again, kansas City, Chicago, St Louis would mostly end up with rain and then snow on back side with maybe 1″. Areas in Western Oklahoma may end up with some Ice Accumulations then 2-5″ of snowfall.





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