Morning Update on Blizzard/Ice Storm

16 02 2008


Winter Storm Watch
Issued from 6 PM to 6 AM Monday

Discussion; A MAJOR winter storm will affect the Northern and Central Plains this weekend into Presidents Day. Areas in Northeast kansas and East Central and South East Nebraska stand the chance at seeing Freezing rain from 8 PM onward tonight with Freezing rain spreading into Iowa late Saturday Night. The Snow should switch over a bit sooner in Iowa followed by a switch over in Eastern Nebraska Sunday Morning. Areas from Des Moines to Cedar Rapids to southern Wisconsion could pick up anywhere from 5-12″ of snow and over .25-.50 of ice expected with Blizzard conditions possible. Areas in Eastern Nebraska such cities such as Omaha, Lincoln, Falls City, could pick up .25 + of ice and 2-4″ of snowfall on Sunday. Blizzard conditions are also possible in this area as well. THE TRACK IS STILL UNCERTAIN BUT DUE TO THE GFS MODEL THAT HAS LATCHED ONTO A MORE NORTHWEST TRACK. HAVE GONE AHEAD AND ISSUED WINTER STORM WATCH

Areas in the blue highlighted watch areas have the best chance of seeing Ice/Snow/Blizzard Conditions. This

Morning Update on Blizzard/Ice Storm
9:45 AM

Gfs Model Update

The latest GFs just came out and it is almost identical to the model run before this one. I will give you a run down on each model run;

The GFS is showing the precip down south with the atmosphere juicing up for Severe Storms in Texas Today. The rain will be pulled north to Kansas City later this afternoon. Most of precip should remain rain for all of kansas today.

The Gfs model continues to pull freezing rain/sleet/snow northward in East Central and South East Nebraska as well as southern Iowa overnight tonight. Their very well may be up to .50 of ice in some spots. As the low winds up over Central Missouri, Winds shall increase and winds + ice on trees and power lines = power outages and that is not good. stay safe out their tonight.

The Gfs continues to show heavier precip in Eastern Nebraska and Western iowa in the form of Freezing rain early sunday morning. Cedar Rapids and Des Moines Iowa would be experiencing the freezing rain also but may turn over to snow earlier in this area than in Eastern Nebraska. Areas of kansas, Missouri Illinois should continue to experience some heavy rainfall with flooding possibly.

The low pressure will continue to tightly wrap up in Western Illinois on Sunday with freezing rain in Eastern Nebraska and Iowa turning over to snowfall with Blizzard Conditions possible. High winds could get up to 50 MPH on Sunday with considerable blowing and drifting snowfall. Kansas and Missouri as well as most of Illinois should continue to experience Heavy rainfall.

The low pressure should move over Chicago with Moderate snow continuing in Eastern iowa with continued VERY windy conditions and blowing and drifting snowfall expected. Chicago should begin to switch over to snow and should pick up 1-3″ at the end of this entire event.

Folks please stay tuned to this weather blog as we may issue a Winter Storm Warnings for parts of the OWO Viewing area.




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