Major Winter Storm Heads east

17 02 2008

Snow Showers in South Dakota and moving into Nebraska this evening | Snow moving out of Iowa
Updated 4:16 PM

Some instability snow showers or snow showers created by the cold front will move through Central South Dakota and move down south through Central Nebraska and Eastern Nebraska, only a dusting is expected.

The Snowfall is continuing to move out of the hawkeye state as of 4:20 PM. Expect strong winds over the state of iowa with continued blowing and drifting of snowfall.

Major Winter Storm Heads east

A MAJOR Winter storm and BLIZZARD is affecting the Western part of the great lakes as well as the eastern half of iowa as of now. Areas in Southeast Nebraska and East Central Nebraska picked up 1-2″ of snow, not that big of a deal. The freezing rain never materialized liked we had earlier thought, so that is great for the travelers. But areas in Iowa have been receiving between 3-8″ of snowfall with .10-.25 of ice. More importantly the greatest heavy snow impact will be felt across Wisconsin towards the Green Bay area. The problem across the whole central US is the VERY HIGH WINDS. High winds in Nebraska, kansas, Missouri, the Dakota’s, Iowa Wisconsin and Illinois will continue to gust up to 40-50 MPH until tonight.

Week Ahead

The week ahead spells up and downs in temperatures with partly cloudy skys most of the week in the viewing area. Monday should be the coldest with highs in the 10’s, 20’s and 30’s for the viewing area. As we head into Thursday, a ARCTIC cold front shall move into the region with highs plummeting. Areas in Southern kansas and Southern Missouri, could pick up some light snow with a small system ahead of the cold air. As we head into this coming friday onto next week, it looks like a storm may gather strength near Western kansas, most models not developing this into a huge low, but currently its in the right placement for something larger to happen. I’ll keep you up to date with that.

Storm Late this week or early the next week?

Well their seems to be a few weak system as of now for the latter half of the week, but i thought i might show this image just for fun for next Monday;

Looks like a good snowstorm/ice storm but its 8 days away! of course i will continue to monitor this possible storm, but dont start getting excited or believing this until the models have this 5-6 days away. Actually, the latest Gfs model has been showing this same storm since yesterday, so please stay tuned. The ECMWF also has a very similar solution;



4 responses

18 02 2008

Is this like the MAJOR WINTER STORM you predicted for yesterday?

If so, Ill make sure to get my shorts and tank top out for that day.

18 02 2008

The Storm System, was warmer than expected, not just Eastern Nebraska, but Iowa as well, as storm totals in iowa were not as high as predicted. I’d have to say i made no mistakes with this storm when forecasting it because a few models were predicting it would go East of us and a few were predicting a little more of the NW trend, so i issued a winter storm watch further NW in Nebraska just because that some models were predicting heavier totals their than the NAM was. Thank you for your comment. but i do regret not making a later update later Saturday night when the models all agreed on a eastward and more southern track

19 02 2008

You issued a a winter storm watch? You are the NWS? Sweet! Can you tell when spring is going to get here, this cold weather sucks.

19 02 2008

Yes, I did, but no, Im not the NWS.

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