Brrrrrr! And more snow storms?

18 02 2008

Wow what a cold day is was today in Omaha Nebraska! A high of 15* occured today with 30 MPH winds. That is not a great combination!

VERY Cold air to move in Wednesday in Plains and Late week Snowstorm
The arctic cold front will move through the region on late Tuesday night across the Northern Plains and move south Wednesday. Highs in most of Nebraska and Iowa as well as South Dakota wills struggle to make it into the 20’s. Highs in the single digits are forecasted for eastern Nebraska and Iowa on Northward with bighting wind chills! As we head into the latter half of the week, the Models have been showing a storm system producing snow anywhere from Nebraska to Iowa, or from Kansas to Missouri to Illinois Thursday – Friday later this week. The latest GFS model really strengthened this system with the brunt staying in Eastern Kansas and Central and Northern part of Missouri as well as near Chicago and taking this system into the Northeast. The GFS was producing 1-2″ in Eastern Nebraska and Iowa and 3-5″ in eastern Kansas and Missouri to near Chicago. Track still not set in stone because earlier models had this storm over Nebraska and Iowa earlier Today.

BIG next week storm system?

The Models have been developing some type of Winter Storm over the Central Plains next Monday-Wednesday. The past few days of the GFs showed that Nebraska and Iowa as well as Southern South Dakota and Minnesota would get a good bout of snowfall, but a few runs have also shown warmer wrapped up in this system with most of the precip staying rain/freezing rain far north like places in far Northeast Nebraska and Northern Iowa. Each model run also shows tight wind gradients so i would assume that High winds with this storm are very likely. The storm track has mostly stayed the same with each run for the Gfs with is forming in Western Kansas and moving eastward and through Chicago and the ECMWF moving it much further North near the Nebraska South Dakota border! Defiantly looks like a MAJOR system to watch wether its heavy rain/fzing rain sleet or snow please stay tuned as the models have not yet began to fight! Usually here, at OWO, you will get a much more detailed and accurate forecast 3 days from the event but i will of course continue to talk and debate about each models about this storm system.

New 2 Week/Hazards Page!

A new 2 Week Extended Outlook page has been updated so please check it out!

“Enjoy the Weather Because it’s the Only Weather U Got”
Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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