Morning Update

18 02 2008

Gfs Model Update
12:46 PM

The first image is a low pressure system forming in Western Kansas with a tight wind gradient extending into Nebraska and Kansas, notice the freezing line near North Dakota;

Precip starts to develope in Eastern Nebraska with strong winds, 32 line moves further south;

Light precip with the next frame continues with some gusty strong winds, 32 line still appears to be far Northern South Dakota;

Storm system strengthens dramatically as storm system spins in Central Kansas. Heavy snow develops in Western Nebraska with very strong winds;

On the next frame,the system continues to move east in kansas with strong winds and heavy snowfall in central and western nebraska as well as Southeast South Dakota. Rainfall/Ice/Sleet would be possible in Eastern nebraska with plain rain east and south of that area;

Heavy snowfall and very strong winds continue in Eastern NEbraska and most of iowa and Southern Minnesota. Areas near Cedar Rapids may experience some frozen precip;

Basically on the next frame the system departs into the Northern Great lakes and snow showers continue from Eastern Nebraska to Iowa and Minnesota. We will defiantly continue to watch this as the last few days is has showed some type of strong system early next week.

Morning Update
9:45 AM

Good morning everyone! Now i will spend a little time talking about a storm later this week and a possible storm early next week. The latest models, mostly the Gfs were developing a storm alter this week, nothing major, just some scattered snow showers over Iowa and Eastern Nebraska as well as Kansas and Northern Missouri. Nothing more then 1″ is expected with this event. As we head into early next week, the models have been developing a snowstorm for parts of the Central States. LAst nights models were really winding up a big storm next week and the GFS had places getting over 1′! Now, it is way to early to start saying accumulations, and maybe even the storm wont even happen, but the models this morning still have a decent size storm for early next week so this will certainly be something to watch for! Stay warm today and continue to dig out of your snowcover if you live in Iowa or Wisconsion today!

Have a great day!

-Craig McPeck




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18 02 2008

You deleted my comment?! Hahaha.


18 02 2008

Hello Reader,

I did not delete your comment;

It is located right their.

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