BITTER COLD TODAY & Two Systems to Watch

20 02 2008


Boy, oh boy is it a cold morning in the Plains states! Temperatures as far south as Northern Kansas and Northern Missouri bottomed out below zero overnight! Areas in Eastern Nebraska and Iowa on Northward are still stuck in the below zero range with biting wind occurring. Wind Chill Warnings and Wind Chill Advisories were issued by the NWS until noon today for most of the Central states. Highs in Eastern Nebraska and Iowa on northward are expected to be in the single digits above and below zero for highs today. Many heartland schools have also been closed due to the EXtreme cold.

Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

Southern Plains Northeast Snow Storm

The Gfs and NAM have been developing quite of a storm from Eastern Kansas through Missouri and up to Boston. The latest models have been Giving Kansas City and St Louis 4-7″ of snowfall and up to Boston 3-5″ of snowfall. The latest NAm was much further north and extending some very light snowfall towards Detroit and Chicago and the freezing line was further north as well, it had as well, higher snowfall totals and some gust winds. The GFS was further South but mainly had the heaviest precip near St Louis.

Strong System Early Next week

Lets say the Gfs hasn’t been that reliable with this storm. It has been all over the place with this storm and the latest model runs show this storm moving through Central and eastern Nebraska with the heavier snowfall totals in South Dakota and Minnesota. The 32 degree line also looked to be in Northern Nebraska and Northern Iowa with this event. Needless to say that their will be continued changes with this storm and i want YOU to continue to watch this page for future blog post about this storm.

Omaha Weather Office Needs Storm Spotters!

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Stay warm,

Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




2 responses

20 02 2008

Incorrect. Heaviest precip will be in a swath from NE PA through Southern NH.

20 02 2008

Thanks for your comment and, yes, i now see that, i have been contenplating on adding that part of my map onto the 3-7″ of snowfall.

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