Lunar Eclipse & Two Systems to watch

20 02 2008

Update on Southern Plains Winter Storm[NAM]
9:02 PM Update

The NAM just came out and is a bit more stronger, more north and a bit more warmer. Let’s get this started. The Precip should begin in Kansas, Oklahoma and Western Texas early early Thursday morning. The next model run showed Southern Kansas getting hit hard with some pretty decent accumulations of ice/sleet. Areas such as Kansas city and a small portion of Oklahoma should also see some light icing. As we head through the day that heavier band of ice spreads further north onto Kansas City with the possibility of .10-.25 of ice. A secondary bout of heavier precip developes towards southern Missouri but temps should be so much warmer that it should stay just plain rain. Areas in Northern Missouri and near st louis may see some Freezing Rain/Rain as St Louis will be on the fringe. That precip moves much more eastward beyond Missouri and a secondary precip band develops in Western Kansas with some snowfall expected. Wow, the next frame then shows part of EXtreme southeast Nebraska and Northeast Kansas getting hit with some moderate snowfall accumulations. Areas near St Louis may be experiencing some moderator precip of Freezing Rain/sleet/snow and areas near the lakes may be experiencing a mix as well. The next model run shows the precip hanging on in Northeast Kansas but the model doesn’t make that a big deal would probbley be in Central Illinois as some Freezing Rain/Sleet/snow could be occurring at that area as well as a light mix near St Louis. The next run then shows a band of moderate snowfall near Southeast Iowa in the area of Northeast Missouri and Northwest Illinois. After that band dissipates only light flurries and very light snow persist over that area with the heavier precip moving towards New York, Boston. All in all, models still continue to change and i would be surprised to see that areas such as St Louis and Kansas City seeing a .25+ of ice with this event and areas with 3-5″ of snowfall in Northeast kansas. Time will only tell as well as models and please stay up to date with the latest Storm Information here at Omaha Weather Office.

Lunar Eclipse

Folks, if you are willing to brace the cold tonight, and get your binoculars out, their will be a magnificent total lunar eclipse tonight. The time frame in the midwest will be best between 8:30 and 10 o’clock tonight. If you want more detailed information on this event and what actually an Lunar Eclipse is, please view this link;

Southern Snow/Ice Storm

All the models have been developing a storm system for the southern Plains tomorrow-Friday.The GFs model gives Areas such as Eastern Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle should experience this storm system first. Some moderator precip should begin in Central Missouri later Thursday with possible 3-6″ of snow. Further the south you go, more freezing and sleet will mix in towards Southern Missouri. As we head through Friday the storm should continue to gather steam and move through the Ohio Valley with a band of Moderate to heavy precip on the NW side of the low with light precip elsewhere. In all reality, this wont be the blockbuster storm of the year but most Ohio Valley residents haven’t seen a good snow/ice system this year yet as well as the Northeast, so i guess any event is big for them at this point. Areas such as Northern Oklahoma and Southern Missouri stand the best chance of receiving at least .25 of ice. Areas near Kansas City eastward to St Louis, stand the best shot at seeing 2-5″ of snowfall with more near the lakes.

Early Next Week Storm System

Currently, the Gfs is still all over the place with the track, the intensity. The current track would start off in the Nebraska panhandle Monday and move it Southeast in Northern kansas. This would put areas of Northeast Nebraska, Southeast South Dakota and southern Minnesota at risk for Snow accumulations and areas such as East Central Nebraska, Central Iowa and Nebraska Panhandle at risk for a mix of freezing rain/sleet/snow. After the storm scoots by, looks like Cedar rapids once again as well as Chicago could pick up some meaningful snowfall accumulations once again. To throw in the mix, some windy conditions would be expected so blowing and drifting snowfall would be a problem. I would set this current track in stone as its still 5 days away from the actual event, so a lot of fine tuning will be made to the forecast over the next few days. The ECMWF is also predicting the almost identical track of the GFS;

This Day in Weather History

# 1805 – The Potomac River was opened after being closed by ice for a period of two months. (Sandra and TI Richard Sanders – 1987)

# 1898 – Eastern Wisconsin experienced their biggest snowstorm of record. Racine received thirty inches, and drifts around Milwaukee measured fifteen feet high. (David Ludlum)

# 1953 – A snowstorm in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota produced drifts ten feet high which derailed trains. (David Ludlum)

# 1987 – A storm system over Arizona spread heavy snow from the Southern Rockies into the Southern Plains Region. Thunderstorms in central Texas produced golf ball size hail about the same time north central Texas was being blanketed with up to 8 inches of snow, closing many schools. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

# 1988 – Snow and strong northerly winds ushered arctic air into the Great Lakes Region. The temperature at Sault Ste Marie MI plunged from 30 degrees at 5 AM to one below zero by 3 PM, with a wind chill reading of 40 degrees below zero. Five cities in Florida reported record high temperatures for the date. The afternoon high of 90 degrees at Lakeland was just a degree shy of their February record. (The National Weather Summary)

# 1989 – Thunderstorms developing during the early afternoon produced severe weather from eastern Texas to Alabama and northwest Florida. Thunderstorms spawned a dozen tornadoes during the afternoon and evening. Thunderstorms also produced 90 mph winds around Vicksburg MS, and 100 mph winds around Jackson MS. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

# 1990 – Heavy snow spread into southwestern Kansas and the panhandle region of Oklahoma and Texas. Heavier snowfall totals included 12 inches at Boise City OK, 11 inches at Liberal KS, and 10 inches at Spearman TX. Blowing and drifting snow closed roads in the Oklahoma panhandle. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

Omaha Weather Office Storm Spotters & Photographers Spots Open!

If you want to be a Storm spotter or photographer please look at the page on the menu!


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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21 02 2008
Abdil Murat Ünalan

I have two photos on my blog, here is the link.

21 02 2008

Wow, thanks. THose pictures look great!

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