Very Cold Wednesday & Two Systems to Watch

20 02 2008


Folks, i hope you are staying warm next to a fire with bon bons in your nice warm home tonight and tomorrow! Ok, maybe not the bon bons, but it will be downright COLD! The current wind chills are plummeting as the cold front moves through Nebraska at this time;

And the current temperatures are also plummeting as well;

The BIG problem will be the winds coming behind the cold front;

If you would like to calculate the Wind and Temperature please use this chart provided by the NWS;

So, folks, stay warm out their! I have a confirmed report that schools have closed in Omaha, Nebraska because of the EXtreme cold and most likely many more Midwest Cities have as well.

Very Cold Air

A VERY strong cold front is set to move into the Heartland tonight through Wednesday. The Cold front is currently situated over Northern Nebraska dn is set to move southeast through the OWO forecast region. Temperatures tonight for most of Nebraska, Iowa Minnesota and South Dakota expected to be below zero as most of that region is suppose to be north of the cold front by later tonight. As we head into Wednesday, the cold front will continue to move through Kansas and Missouri during the day and highs in that area will only reach the 20’s for highs and 30’s in missouri. Highs further north will be in the single digits to the teens for highs with dangerous wind chills of -1-40 for most of the Central Plains. IT may even be cold enough for schools to cancel classes, we’ll see! Below here is a Wind Chill Chart;

Late Week Storm

It is becoming increasingly clear the a part of our OWO Warning area will be affected by a winter storm thursday into friday. Areas from Eastern Kansas to Northern Oklahoma to St Louis should experience 2-6″ of snowfall with freezing rain expected in Southern Missouri. Ice accumulations expected below .50 Please stay tuned as more models updated and a snow forecast comes out soon for that area.

Early Next Week Storm

The latest models have been developing a storm system for early next week. The latest Gfs model run showed the storm a bit weaker and warmer then yesterdays runs. The ECMWF had the low much stronger and a bit more southeast moving just southeast of Chicago. This storm has been flip flopping between intensity and the track, but mostly the models have been agreeing taht the low forms in Western Kansas and heads east. Please stay tuned as this storm will probbley change in direction,speed and intensity!

Total Lunar Eclipse Wednesday Night

A total lunar eclipse is forecasted for Wednesday Night, to view more information on it, please view here;


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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