Southern Plains Winter Storm & Early Next Week Northern Plains Storm

21 02 2008

Southern Plains Winter Storm

Currently, the southern plains is getting a 32 lashings from Mother Nature! This has got to be their first BIG winter storm of the season and it is very major. Areas such as St Louis, and Kansas City and Southern Missouri will be picking up near .25-.50 of ice with possibly 1-3″ of sleet. That is not a very good combo that mother nature ordered up so drive safe out their! The Northeast such as Washington DC may pick up 1-4″ of snow and .25+ of ice. Areas such as Boston may pick up 4-7″ of snowfall and maybe some freezing drizzle mixed in. All in all it will be a pretty big storm but not the biggest they have ever seen in years.

Next Week Winter Storm

The latest Gfs model came out and i have to tell you, a whole lot has not changed with its track. The Storm forms over Wymoming and then moves onto Western Nebraska. From this point on it moves due east through Chicago. Areas that stand to see the best shot of MAJOR accumulations of snowfall is Southern South Dakota, Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa and Central and Southern Wisconsin.Then the storm is forecasted to move just north of Chicago. All in all cities such as Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha Nebraska, Kansas City Grand Island Nebraska miss out on the heaviest precip as well as the snow accumulations. Now this is only one model run, and the 18z GFS has been known to be a little strange lately. So please continue to check back for updates on this snowstorm.

Right now, here is my latest map;

It will most likely change over the coming days.

Global Temperatures 2500 BC – 2007 AD

Interesting image i found;

Today in Weather History

# 1918 – A spectacular chinook wind at Granville, ND, caused the temperature to spurt from a morning low of 33 degrees below zero to an afternoon high of 50 degrees above zero. (David Ludlum)

# 1935 – Frequent duststorms occurred in eastern Colorado during the month, forcing schools to close and people to stay indoors. A fatality occurred on this date when two section cars collided on the railroad near Arriba CO, due to poor visibility. (The Weather Channel)

# 1936 – The temperature at Langdon, ND, climbed above zero for the first time in six weeks. Readings never got above freezing during all three winter months. (David Ludlum)

# 1971 – An outbreak of tornadoes hit northeastern Louisiana and northern and central Mississippi. The tornadoes claimed 121 lives, including 110 in Mississippi. Three tornadoes accounted for 118 of the deaths. There are 1600 persons injured, 900 homes were destroyed or badly damaged, and total damage was 19 million dollars. (David Ludlum)

# 1971 – Elk City, OK, was buried under 36 inches of snow to establish a 24 hour snowfall record for the state. (David Ludlum)

# 1987 – Low pressure over central California produced gale force winds along the coast, and produced thunderstorms which pelted Stockton, Oakland and San Jose with small hail. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

# 1988 – A storm tracking across southern Canada produced high winds in the north central U.S., with gusted to 90 mph reported at Boulder CO. The high winds snapped trees and power lines, and ripped shingles off roofs. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Bucket was blown off their store in Havre MT. An eighteen foot fiberglass bear was blown off its stand along a store front in west Cody WY, and sailed east into downtown Cody before the owners were able to transport their wandering bear back home in a horse trailer. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

# 1989 – Thunderstorms developing during the morning hours spread severe weather across Georgia and the Carolinas. Strong thunderstorm winds caused one death and thirteen injuries in North Carolina, and another four injuries in South Carolina. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

# 1990 – Overnight thunderstorms produced heavy rain in central Texas. Rainfall totals ranged up to 2.80 inches at Camp Verde, with 2.20 inches reported at Leakey. Thunderstorms early in the day produced high winds in southern Texas, with wind gusts to 60 mph reported at Alice. Daytime thunderstorms in eastern Texas drenched Rosenberg with four inches of rain. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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