Winter Storm Update

22 02 2008

Winter Storm Update

Folks, looks like we may have a BIG Winter storm on our hands for early next week. Suprisingly, after days of the models trending north, more and more of the models are begining to trend more south and southeast. The latest GFs earlier today was moving the storm from Western Nebraska then SE onto Northeast Kansas then due east south of Iowa. The GFs was giving Northeast Nebraska to Central and Eastern Iowa some heavy snowfall. The latest Experimental NAM was much further south and giving Eastern Nebraska to Chicago a heavy wallop of heavy snowfall;

Now that is the experimental NAM, it has been way more accurate this year then the original NAM this winter and may soon be replaced by it. Anyways, the older NAM model was still moving the Low through Eastern Nebraska with South Dakota and Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa seeing heavy snowfall. I now think the southward trend shall continue, but anything may happen with the model even this far out. The ECMWF was also a bit further south going right over Kansas City with Eastern Nebraska to Iowa seeing heavy snowfall. So, i will not make any snowfall predictions until most likely Sunday Night or this coming Saturday Night.

Happy Friday!

Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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