GFS Model Just Came out

23 02 2008

GFS Just Came out -Winter Storm Still On Track

Good late evening everyone. *Yawn!* Despite my tiredness i will write up a detailed description of the GFS and its interpretation of the GFS model for next weeks storm. Looking like on the first computer model run that it is starting to gather energy in Eastern Colorado. It then begins to move east and is situated over far south central nebraska and north central Kansas. Precip is starting to develope on the northern fringes over Northern Nebraska. Then in turn the low pressure moves a bit southeast over Northern Kansas with precip far north of the low over Northern Nebraska and Southern South Dakota. The low then is expected to be right over Kansas City in a due east fashion with again the precip far from the Low into Northeast Nebraska and Most of iowa. at this point, areas such as NE Nebraska SE South Dakota, Southern Minnesota and Most of iowa should start getting some decent accumulations of snowfall. The storm then moves due east once again witha little southeast shift with some wrap around moderate snowfall for Northeast and East central NEbraska and some deformation snowfall band for Eastern Iowa. Storm continues to move east and ground blizzard conditions are possible for Most of Iowa and Eastern Nebraska with the newly fallen snowfall.

On the other hand the experimental nam which has been very trustworthy this winter is predicting the heavy amounts along I-80 from Nebraska-Iowa;

Well, like they say, time will only tell, but, i tell ya, please stay tuned to this blog as i will give you extensive model updates and what i am thinking will happen. What i am thinking right now? I think a bit more southern track will be possible. The latest GGEM predicting heaviest axis of snowfall from East Central Nebraska through Iowa;

Cya tomorrow with more model updates! Snowfall map will come Sunday Night!


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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