23 02 2008

9:04 PM Update on WINTER STORM

Folks, the latest NAm came out and was much further south then the last NAM model;

This would give areas in Nebraska from i-80 Northward 3-6″ of snowfall and further into NE nebraska could be 6-8″ of snowfall. Areas in Iowa could pick up mostly the same but more to the north and less to the south. The Experimental NAM was much further South with East Central Nebraska eastward into iowa towards Chicago seeing 4-8″ of snowfall;

Well, thats all for the update now. May be an update later because the Gsf model will be coming out.

Good evening folks! The Omaha Weather Office has a busy 2 days as we continue to look at various models and come up with forecast. The latest GFS model was a bit further south and is now coming into agreement with the Experimental NAM. Though, Experimental NAM is a bit further south, i think that is where it will end up. It gives Eastern Nebraska about 4-8″ of snowfall. The NAM model was much further north and was not giving most of Iowa and Nebraska any precip, so for now i will ignore that model. the ECMWF model was tracking the storm across Southeast Nebraska then through Southern Iowa with the Heaviest snowfall in Southeast South Dakota Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota. While i think the more southward shift will happen in the models in the next few days anything can happen at this point because of the big disagreement in the models. Right now i would put Omaha Nebraska to Lincoln Nebraska points north with 3-6″ of new snowfall and areas from Fremont to Norfolk from 6-10″ as well extended that into Central and Eastern Iowa into Chicago. Their may even be a mix of freezing rain/sleet at the transition in Eastern Nebraska. Most areas on the backside should experience ground Blizzard conditions with wind gust up to 50 mph from eastern Nebraska – Iowa. here is my forecast map as of now;


Craig McPeck AKA McWeather Man
Chief Forecasting Operations




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