“Major” Winter Storm Continues

25 02 2008

Folks, this is a quick 2:28 update. The snowfall continues to spirial around in Nebraska with 2-4″ of snowfall from i-80 northward with Omaha Nebraska seeing 2-3″ of snowfall once the temperature cools down. Raods should re main fine throughout the day and should ice up later tonight as the temp drops. Realistically, the only places that could see 4-8″ of snowfall could be Chicago to 100 miles south of detroit. Thunder snow has been reported in parts of Nebraska this morning and if you get under that heavy snow band rates could reach 1″. Here is my forecasting totals for a few select cities;


Radar above

Omaha NEB; 1-3″[Ground temp is quite warm, may be lucky to reach 3″]
Lincoln Nebraska 1″
Fremont; 3″
Des Moines; 4-6″
Chicago; 4-6″
Detroit; 4-6″

More bigger update will happen afer 5:00 PM today!


Craig McPeck AKA McWeather Man
Chief Forecasting Operations




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