Winter Storm Moving East

26 02 2008

Winter Storm Moving East

well folks, the Winter Storm that was suppose to produce big amounts of snowfall did materialized. Only areas of indianna should see 6-8″ of snowfall. Areas of Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa should wind up with 1-3″ of wet slushy wind driven snow. Areas from Central Iowa eastward to to Chicago and Detroit should see 3-6″ of snowfall. Keep in mind that the wind will be a big problem, so certainly some blowing and drifting snowfall shall be possible. All Eastern Nebraska schools should be open tomorrow!

I have came out with my final call;

Warming back up!

After a brief spell of Winters Comeback the Central Plains will begin to warm up immensley once again towards the weekend! Areas as north as Nebraska and Iowa shall see 50 degree temps with 50’s and 60’s for Kansas and Missouri! This should melt the rest of the snow cover away in most areas.

A Look into the future…..

As we head into March, things shall become VERY stormy once again. The GFS Computer model was developing a BIG MAJOR winter storm in the Central Plains around the 5th and 6th of March. Keep in mind that March can be one of the worst months for big snows. Remember last march 2007 in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa? Yep, they had a Blizzard with 50 MPH winds and up to 6-16″ of snowfall. Folks, March will be a very stormy month. The snow isn’t over yet.

Enjoy the warmth!


Craig McPeck AKA McWeather Man
Chief Forecasting Operations




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