The Temperatures are on a Upglide!

27 02 2008

The Temperatures are on a Upglide!

After the strong storm system dumped anywhere from 1-5″ of snowfall across Nebraska and Iowa yesterday, things will begin to warm up and the snow will once again begin the process of melting! Highs will continue to warm up into the mid 30’s across Nebraska and Iowa and with 40’s and 50’s for kansas and Missouri. No precipitation is forecasted for days until early next sunday. This weekend should be rather warm with highs as far north as Nebraska and Iowa experiencing 50’s for high temperatures! Kansas and Missouri will enjoy temperatures in the 60’s and 50’s! So get outside this weekend, go camping, go on a bike ride. Do something! As we head into Sunday-Monday, their may be a few shows scattered about over eastern Nebraska and Iowa as well as Eastern Kansas and Missouri. Nothing major, just a car wash for your cars if you park them outside. as we head into next week, models have been developing the possibility of a storm across portions of the Plains, the Gfs model has been flip flopping between something and nothing and the Euro model has been flip flopping also. I guess time will only tell and if i see something worth noting, i will surely tell you guys!

The Coming of a New Mini Ice age?

I found a rather interesting story that a new ice age may be coming, similar to the Mini Ice age in the 1900’s;


Craig McPeck AKA McWeather Man
Chief Forecasting Operations




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