Clipper Moving Through

28 02 2008

Clipper Moving Through

The Weak little clipper is moving through. Areas such as Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa should only receive light showers or sprinkles for the mornings. They may not even experience that because the dew points are so low. Areas such as Central and Eastern Iowa may experience 1-2″ of snow maybe 3″ in the Northeast Iowa. Areas such as Chicago up to duluth will see 2-4″ of snowfall. Overall, this system will not be a big deal, but use caution when traveling on the roads.


The Plains shall experience a taste of spring this weekend! Saturday High temperatures in Kansas and Missouri shoot shoot up into the 60’s and 70’s for highs and 50’s and 60’s for highs in Nebraska and Iowa. Areas in Western Nebraska may be a bit higher into the low 60’s. Areas north of that should top out in the 40’s and 50’s. If you are going camping, or doing anything outdoors related this weekend, please look at the Outdoor Forecast Page. Their may be a few showers Sunday in Eastern Nebraska and Iow as well as Kansas and Missouri.

Off Topic ; Dooms Day Seed Vault Opened
Rights go to National Geographic

February 26, 2008—A half moon shines over the entrance to the new Svalbard Global Seed Vault in a recent photo.

The Norwegian Arctic island of Svalbard will see no direct sunlight for at least another week, but the vault’s opening today brightened the spirits of dozens of guests who gathered for its dedication ceremonies.

The “doomsday” vault is designed to keep millions of seed samples safe from natural and unnatural disasters: global warming, asteroid strikes, plant diseases, nuclear warfare, and even earthquakes—in fact, the structure absorbed a magnitude 6.2 quake here last week without a crack.

Though Norway owns the global seed bank—the first of its kind—other countries can store seeds in it and remove them as needed. The genes in the seeds may someday be needed to adapt crops to endure climate change, droughts, blights, and other potential catastrophes.

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