Late Night Analysis on the Clipper

28 02 2008

Late Night Analysis on the Clipper
8:47 PM

Most models have came out, including the GFS, NAM, NGM. The GFS model is more robust with the totals all the way from Des Moines, to Chicago to Duluth Minnesota. The GFS suggest anywhere from 2-4″ int hose areas with more snowfall accumulations near Duluth and the Lakes. This is the total precip that the GFs is projecting;

On the other hand, NAM is much more drier with this event a a bit more east with the precip. If i went with the NAM model, it would be saying most of Wisconsin would be seeing 1-5″ of snowfall with that area extended eastward into Michigan. Areas such as Des Moines, Cedar Rapids would only see 1 maybe 2″ of snowfall with this event. Chicago could be seeing 1-3″ maybe slightly more. Areas such as Omaha Nebraska and Eastern Nebraska could se a brief period of light rain in the morning with some sleet pellets mixed in very early when the precip starts. Here is an image of the total NAM precip;

Once again, the NGM model develops a light band of sleet and light rain in Extreme Eastern Nebraska in the early morning hours Thursday. Basically, the NGM develops this band and moves it east into Iowa with Central Iowa and Eastern Iowa seeing 1″ to possibly 2″ of snowfall. It also developes a 2-4″ snowfall band near Chicago and 2-5″ possible up near Duluth Minnesota.

Basically, the models have hinted more to a Eastern track of this storm and not much snow in iowa as the GFS was stating.

Stay tuned for more updates as they happen.


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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