Part 1 of Winter Storm Possibility

2 03 2008

Part 1 of Winter Storm Possibility

I had a great weekend, i went camping, and it reached into the 60’s for highs yesterday. How can you beat that in early march! Just think, Omaha got POUNDED with a BLIZZARD yesterday last March! Anyways, the winds of change have moved in and will be bringing moderate-heavy snowfall. The latest Gfs and NAM computer models put a stripe of 1-5″ of snowfall from Southern Kansas right through Omaha Nebraska and Des Moines. Models are getting more wetter. I have looked at the past temperature and temps ahve dropped tremendously! Omaha was near 60’s at 10:30 and now its 41 degrees at 12:00! The cold air is defiently drawing in more rapidly then expected so expect a good bout of brief moderate to heavy snowfall in the areas i mentioned. Areas from Omaha to Des Moines southward may even see a Thunderstorm, according to the SPC in norman oklahoma. However, the best shot of Severe Weather will remain south of the region into Kansas and Missouri and Texas and Oklahoma.

let me also stress, that, this will not be a type of snow in Kansas and Nebraska as well as Iowa that takes 2 days to accumulate 1-5″ of snowfall. It will only take a matter of hours and could come down VERY heavily at a few points. Area streets will quickly become snow and ice covered with blowing and drifting snowfall expected especially when the temperatures cool into the 20’s.

Here is my prediction i made;

More updates will be made as i get them!




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