BIG Storm Moves East and Colder Week Ahead

3 03 2008

Issued at 8:13 PM

BIG Storm Moves East and Colder Week Ahead


Well folks, more snow again, then again it was not that much in Nebraska, mainly below 2″ of wet snow. It should begin to melt off tomorrow.

Areas such as Eastern Oklahoma, Southern Missouri northeast right through St Louis should see 4-8″ of new snowfall. Some ice is also likely before the transition. As we head into the latter half of the workweek, things should quiet down across the Corn Belt. Cold high pressure should move east a bit and things should warm up slightly near 40* in Nebraska and Iowa. As we head towards Tuesday Night and Wednesday, a clipper like system shall move through Nebraska and Iowa producing maybe 1-2″ at most of Snow in Eastern NEbraska and Iowa. This is on the heals of more colder air set to spill into the region. As we head into the weekend, it will get very warm once again with 60’s possibly in Kansas and Missouri and 40’s and 50’s in Nebraska and 40’s in Iowa.

Snow Day Cast

Anymore strong BIG Storms in the foreseeable future?

Yes, the GFS model and the ECMWF computer model ahve been indicating a BIG storm mid-late month, around the 14-16th of March. Let me just say that the GFs has a lot of warm air on the front side with possibility of thunderstorms and heavy snow on the Backside of the storm. I dont want to get too much into detail here, but the end of March may prove to be a VERY stormy and snow one if things come together properly.

Interesting Article

Credit to

We once reported that it rains MORE on weekends. Now scientists say it rains LESS on weekends. But they all agree on the reason: air pollution.
A new NASA study has found that summer storms in the Southeaster US occur more often midweek than on weekends. They think the cause of this is air pollution created by traffic exhaust and other emissions which creates small particles that tend to “seed” clouds. quotes researcher Thomas Bell as saying, “… It’s well known that particulate matter has the potential to affect how clouds behave, and this kind of evidence makes the argument stronger for a link between pollution and heavier rainfall.”

Until next time…


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




2 responses

3 03 2008

Craig, very nice job with the storm last night! Thanks to that dry air we got really cut short on snow here near Lincoln…Anyways I am agreeing with you on a stormy end to March, however have you checked out the GFS models for next WED/THURS and again Sunday?! The 12z was putting Omaha in for 13″ of snow middle of next week! Maybe the next March Blizzard??

3 03 2008

Yes i saw that, it was on like day 9-11 or something like that. Way too far away to start talking about having a storm though. If its still their day 7, i will start getting excited just a little bit!

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