Southern Plains Snowstorm and one last bout of Chilly Air!

5 03 2008

Southern Plains Snowstorm

Currently looks like the southern plains from Panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma eastward should see some significant snowfall accumulations out of a MAJOR storm developing. Currently looks like Central Oklahoma should see the brunt of the snowfall accumulations with 4-12″ of snowfall. Depending how energetic the storm gets, Thundersnow should occur with possibly 1-2″ an hour with some snow bouts. Expect this heavy snowfall then to move east into Northern and Central Arkansas with 6-10″ of snowfall expected their.


VERY cold air is set to move in Thursday and Thursday Night across the Dakotas, Minnesota Iowa and Nebraska. Expect ahead of the front their should be some scattered snow showers with a dusting to 1″ at best with any snowfall accumulations in nebraska and Iowa. As we head into Friday, the COLD HIGH PRESSURE shall remain over the area with highs in Central and Eastern Iowa in the teens and Most of Nebraska in the 20’s with teh far north in the teens. Expect Minnesota and South Dakota to stay in the lower teens – upper teens for highs.


AHHHH. At last, the warm air is set to return! I tell ya folks, i usually LOVE winter with all the snow, but this winter has been plain dry the latter half with VERY cold air and most storms missing us! Now i would love warmer weather and even to get some thunderstorms. Anyways, the warm air will begin to move in Sunday with highs in the 40’s as far north as Nebraska and Iowa Sunday. Expect early to mid next week highs in the 50’s and 60’s and possibly 60’s as far north as Nebraska! Enjoy it! I tell ya! March can trick us sometimes!


I have been rattling on about the possibility of a BIG storm system sometime between the 11th and the 19th across the Central States. The latest GFS was developing a low pressure in Western Kansas with warm air feeding Northeast across the region with rain and warm temps! As the low would move east, the GFS put heavy wet snow on the backside of the storm system with strong winds. the ECMWF was also on target with this but a bit later. I also noticed that after this storm that the Gfs was developing another storm system with a more of a Zonal Flow expected. So i tell you to expect WARM weather, Severe Thunderstorms in parts of the Corn Belt region, possibly another snowstorm somewhere in our area and colder temperature outbreaks. March has proven to be one frisky month and dont let your guard down on winter yet!


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




One response

6 03 2008

Yes craig your sure right Oklahoma is getting pounded by what seems to be a very strong storm! Hopefully your right on this storm possibility coming at us next week something to watch but will enjoy the warm up! Keep up the good work!

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