BRRRRR! And then Warmth!

6 03 2008


Well folks, enjoy the last little warm up for today! Highs will reach in the 30’s across most of Nebraska and Iowa today with approacing 40 in the Southern portions of those areas. The COLD FRONT is currently situated over North Dakota at this point and is just waiting to plow across the corn belt region later tonight! When it does come, you will notice it! Highs should plummet once again on Friday into the 20’s for most of Nebraska, but highs should be MUCH colder in Iowa since the COLD high pressure system will be more deeply entrenced over their with highs in the teens for highs as well as South Dakota and Minnesota. Along with the cold front, a band of snow should move through the area especially through parts of Nebraska and Iowa. Nothing much, only expect a dusting at most!

BIG Warm up!

Warmer weather shall return to th region starting on Saturday for Kansas and Missouri! Highs throughout teh region should be in the upper 30 – lower 40’s for most of Nebraska and Iowa and in the 40’s and 50’s in Kansas and Missouri. Highs north of that shall be in the 30’s for highs. Break out the shorts and t shirts and sunscreen, well maybe not the sun screen but some places could erach 60 in Nebraska Iowa, Kansas and Missouri mid next week!

BIG storm next week?

The models have been battling out the chances of this happening next week. The GFS has been flip flopping between a big storm and a weak storm. It is only 8 days away and stil has plenty of time to work things out between themselves.

Would you like to know how to read computer models?

Would you like to know how to read computer models? Then you can! Please read what helped get me started with knowing how to read models;


Craig Mcpeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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