9 03 2008


Folks, this is what we have been all waiting for! A warm up! Not just some small 40 degree warm up, but even higher temperatures then that! Models are bringing the strong warmth into the area starting Tuesday and last through Friday. High temperatures should reach the 50’6 and 60’s for highs in Iowa and Nebraska and 40’s and 50’s for South Dakota. Highs wil be in the 60’s and 70’s for Kansas and MIssouri. Highs should remain at that level from Tuesday through Wednesday then 40’s 50’s and 60’s for highs on Thursday and Friday across the OWO Viewing area! Enjoy it while you can!

Winter’s Last Gasp?!

Yes folks! It appears that some portion of the Central Plains will eb under the gun for a Winter Storm next weekend! The latest GFS models have been developing a MAJOR low pressure area in Western Kansas then scooting it eastward south of Kansas city. Gfs thinks that areas in Nebraska and Iowa as well as Northern Missouri and Northeast Kansas stand the best shot at this point. Below this writing it the low pressure depiction by the ECMWF model

That would permit heavy snow in South Dakota and Minnesota at that point, but the Gfs tell a different story;

Time will tell, but i do expect somebody to get a big snow event out of this! Please check the 2 week hazards map for the areas that may be affected by this storm! Keep in mind that i made that map two weeks ago and it may come true!




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