Heat wave coming & MAJOR Winter storm?

10 03 2008


Correction guys, the NAM model didn’t go that far out, so their needs to be a few more frames to include the storm. I think that the models will continue to change a lot as the models this morning were showing a BIG storm for nebraska. The latest UKMET tracked the low pressure system from Western Kansas straight eastward. This would mostly likely give Nebraska and Southern Iowa some accumulating snowfall. More updates when the models come in later.

Heat Wave!

Folks it appears that the OWO viewing area is in for a great big warm up for the next several days! I advise you to take advantage of these warm temperatures over the next few days as winter is not over! Highs temperatures in South Dakota shall soar into the 50’s and 60’s for highs and Nebraska and Iowa temperatures shall reach the 60’s and 70’s. High temperatures in Kansas and Missouri tomorrow shall skyrocket mainly in the 60’s and 70’s for high temps! These temperatures should repeat themselves on Wednesday. On Thursday it should be pretty pleasent as well, just tack off 5-10 degrees from Wednesdays temperature.

MAJOR Winter Storm?

Folks, the latest models, particulary the Gfs model, has been predicting a much weaker and southern storm and a bit colder here. This seems very strange to me as i think that their will not be a enormous amount of cold air to supress the storm that far south so i am pretty more confident that more variations in the track will occure. Many of the other models haven’t came out so not much to say at this point. However, i updated a new two week hazards map showing where the possibility exsist for a snowstorm as well as the severe storms possibility next week in the Central Plains After this coming storm their will be a much more POWERFUL storm system battering the midwest and plains and OV! Their may be variations of Severe weather as far north as Omaha Nebraska with light snow on the backside, models have been showing another Ohio Valley MAJOR snowstorm as well as New England. March is the month folks when the battle of airmasses begin and when that happens, look out!




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