Late Day Update on late Week Storm and BIG Storm Next week

11 03 2008

Late Week Storm

Folks the latest models have came in a bit stronger then last nights computer runs with Western and Central Nebraska seeing possibly 2-5″ of snowfall and 1″ possible as far east as Omaha and Lincoln, but that may be pushing it. I am not totally ruling out a big storm because the models can and will change!

BIG Storm Next week

The latest GFs model was developing a MONSTER storm system between the 17-19th of next week. IT was forming in Western Kansas with warm air over Eastern Nebraska and Iowa on Southward. It was displaying Severe storms possibilitys as far north as Omaha and much of Kansas and Iowa could get in ont his. As the GFS pulled the storm more east northeast, it begins to wrap around heavy wet snowfall from Omaha Nebraska to the North and West. Their could even bea BLIZZARD on the backside of this LARGE storm system. A wide array of weather may occur over the next storm with heavy snow, heavy rain/ severe storms, windy!

Stay tuned!




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