12 03 2008


I will be focusing soley on the possibility of a MAJOR WINTER STORM for parts of Nebraska and Iowa today. Currently, the newest NAM computer model has been increasing amounts the whole day with each run. I will go step by step with each frame carefully explaining it.

The low pressure is starting to gather strength in Colorado on Friday with a few light showers and snow showers in Northern Nebraska and Southern South Dakota. Chicago starts to mix rain/snow.

Well thats a wrap folks on the NAM model. Areas in Central and Eastern Nebraska as well as Southern Iowa need to watch out for this storm. This doesn’t mean that we will see a big storm, but my confidence is increasing. I will have to see the GFS and other models before i get on board with this.

The storm quickly gathers strength and the freezing line is very close to the Omaha area if not on top of them. Areas in Northeast nebraska and Central Nebraska likely experiencing some good snows at this point.

The NAM energizes the storm even more so with a VERY heavy band of snowfall from Lincoln Nebraska to Omaha Nebraska and areas in East Central, Central Nebraska and parts of southeastern Nebraska experiencing some VERY heavy snowfall. May be some localized THUNDER SNOW.

NAM continues to spin around EXTREMELY heavy snowfall around in Eastern Nebraska and Most of Iowa and Northern Missouri at this point. Rates may be 1″ an hour or more.




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