Mid Day Update on Possible Winter Storm

13 03 2008

Mid Day Update on Possible Winter Storm

The models have been battling it out with tomorrows possibility of a winter storm. The latest Oepration NAM model shows the following total precip;

The NAM is showing that Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa as well as Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas would get the brunt of the snowfall accumulations.

Compared that to the GFS model is is almost identical;

It also has a plume of heavier snowfall in Eastern Nebraska. The NGM however is a bit different and looks quite like the March 04 Storm in Iowa and Nebraska;


This storm depicted on the NGM looks quite like that storm that occured in Iowa in march of 04′. It gave much of Southern Western and Central Iowa over 1 ft of snow.

LIVE! Video from the STORM!

Thats right, tomorrow i will have a couple videos up showing whats going on in the pottent. winter storm in Omaha Nebraska!

Example of Video;

However, I am not going to put out a snowfall forecast yet as models still have a lot of work to go through to get a final result.




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