Rain & Snow!

14 03 2008

Rain & Snow!

Folks, we got quite a bit of rain in store for Nebraska and Iowa tomorrow! The latest models are developing anywhere from .25-.75 of rain for parts of Nebraska and Iowa as well as Eastern Kansas. The models have also been depicting a NARROW snow band mainly in Eastern Nebraska on the backside with 1-3″ of snowfall expected. As of now, doesn’t look like a HUGE snowstorm just a few inches at this point. however, i have a feeling that this storm has something up its sleeve and march can be very tricky. So get out the snow shovels and you can shovel a wet slushy 1-3″ of snowfall Saturday morning or if you are one of those people who sleeps in you can just let it melt off during the day! Best thing, it wont stick around! It will be mostly in the upper 30’s to 40’s for highs so it should melt of quickly.

Next Weeks Storm

The models have been flip flopping between throwing this storm away or a bit of a decent sized storm. The latest GFS model developes a good bout of rainfall on Monday across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas. Most areas should stay above freezing so no worrys yet about SNOW. As we head into Monday night things change, their seems to be a light band of Snowfall in Eastern Nebraska with a possible 1-3″ of snowfall if everything goes right. Then the model just sinks the storm down into Texas and really engergizes it like the energizer bunny. Anyways, the storm would then move northeast and would pull copius amounts of rainfall and severe weather in the Southeast and Ohio Valley during the mid week with possible back end snowfall as far north as Chicago. this storm is interesting becuse if it backs up even further NW, it could be affecting areas such as KC maybe far Southeast Nebraska. Always something to watch in the weather world so please stay on top of it by checking this website every now and then for the latest updates.

Until next time….

Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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