15 03 2008


Wow, now wasn’t today just downright chilly! Most of Nebraska stayed in the Upper 30’s all day with lower 40’s in western Nebraska. As well as most of Kansas and Missouri! What a change! Now i am really regretting not wearing a winter jacket today!


Folks do we have a messy end of the weekend and early start of the week to get through! first off, do not put away those snow shovels if you live in Western Nebraska! You will need them once again! The storm system should start gathering strength on sunday with light showers/snow showers in most of Nebraska and Kansas and South Dakota at this point. It may begin to be a bit breezy in Western Nebraska as the tight pressure gradients bounce off the low pressure move towards the region. As we head towards sunday night – monday the rain should get heavier and turn to snow in western nebraska and s/w South Dakota. The snow should continue into Monday night but much more lightly. I would expect a general 3-7″ of snowfall out of this entire event in Western Nebraska and s/w South Dakota. Again, windy conditions will be be possible. As you head further east in Central Nebrasla, Eastern Nebraska, Kansas Missouri, Heavy rainfall and Thunderstorms will be predominate threat with this storm. Areas in Eastern Nerbaska and Parts of Iowa may get near 1.00″ of rainfall with the entire event. Areas in Eastern Nebraska and Iowa may also experience Thunderstorms scattered about with the rainfall expected. as you head further south into kansas Severe Thunderstorms and EXTREMELY heavy rainfall will be expected! If you live in Eastern Kansas and Missouri, Expected 1-6″ of rainfall. About the severe weather with the storm you should expect large hail, damaging winds and deadly tornados expected. Folks, this should be a very dangerous severe weather outbreak and i caution you that if you live in Eastern Kansas and Missouri, to keep an eye out on the sky.

What about the rest of week and Easter? Any more big storms?

Not really, expect average temps the entire week with maybe a few showers on the 21st of March witha small little storm system north of the area. Easter weekend looks generally quiet but past model runs showed a storm on the weekend so i will keep an eye out on it.

Well, stay up to date on this website as more updates come in!


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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