HEAVY RAIN/STORMS/SNOW All on the plate for Pattys day & East Winter Storm?

16 03 2008


Looks like msot of my forecast is right on track but areas in Northeast nebraska may see more snow then i forecasted early. Currently a band of moderate sleet was moving north in Nebraska and Iowa, expect no accumulations with that band. As the night progresses expect heavy precip to develop with 1-2″ snow rates in Central and Western Nebraska and Well as Eastern South Dakota. Areas of East Central nebraska may see an inch or two of snow but im not too keen on that. But mostly expect some very decent rain amounts in Iowa Kansas and Eastern Nebraska and Missouri. Areas in East Central and Southeast nebraska and Western Iowa may see 1-2″ of rain if the precip stays all rain. Expect 1-5″ of rain from Eastern Kansas to missouri with this entire event. One thing concerns me with the cold temperatures in Eastern Nebraska, as the rain moves in it may cool the ares even more and the 1-2″ may hold true. Never the less, i will keep the chances in for 1-2″ of snow as far south as Omaha but im not crazy about it. Expect much more widespread snow in western and Central NEbraska. Severe weather will be expected in Eastern Kansas and Missouri on Monday with hail, wind and tornados possible. A few storms may also be possible in Extreme Eastern Nebraska. Here is my snowfall forecast;

HEAVY RAIN/STORMS/SNOW All on the plate for Pattys day

Nature may not be looking to green yet but heavy rainfall will aid to the growth of the spring green plants as we head into the coming months. The latest computer models our developing a VERY hefty amount of rainfall in Eastern Nebraska and Iowa. Areas in that area look to stand a half inch to 1 1/2″ of rainfall with this entire event. AS you move further west temperatures should be cool enough for a Spring time winter storm with 3-7″ of snowfall possible. The heaviest snow may fall in the morning with 1″ hour rates of snowfall possible. As you head into south Dakota, 3-5″ of snowfall will be possible in Southern South Dakota as well as Southern Minnesota. Thunderstorms may also be possible in Eastern Nebraska and Iowa so dont be suprised if you hear a clap of thunder or flash of the lightning bolt! As you head further south, more humid juicy air shall erupt some spring time severe thunderstorms in Eastern Kansas and over much of the South East. Areas such as Eastern Kansas to Missouri may see 1-6″ of total rainfall and flooding may be possible with this event. With the thunderstorms, deadly lightning, large hail, strong winds and isolated tornados will be possible As you head into Eastern Kansas, more of a Wind and hail event will be possible but i cant rule out a tornado warning or two. The heavy rainfall should continue into Missouri and parts of extreme Eastern Kansas into Tuesday so i would not be suprised if their is a abundance of flood watches issued by the Nation Weather Servce, actually most NWS offices said that their will actually issue some. All the rain and storms should exit out of all the Central States on wednesday for a cool yet average – below average temperature day.

Easter Snowstorm?

The Gfs model as well as the European models have been developing a snowstorm for parts of Nebraska Iowa Kansas and Missouri next Easter Weekend! Here is a map that the latest Gfs is displaying;

WOW! Look at that bullseye in Nebraska, with sufficient cooling, their could be some heavy snowfall in Nebraska. But then the storm begins to move southward and Kansas City gets on the action with heavy snow;

Areas of Northern Missouri and Kansas woudl continue to experience heavy snowfall

While im not buying this storm yet, it looks quite a lot like the last storm that busted badly for so many forecasters. But the last model trends and other runs have shown this storm. Since its forecasting it to be on Easter Weekend, i will keep a VERY close eye on this storm for all of you guys.



Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




2 responses

16 03 2008

Hey, I was just wondering when your 2008 severe weather season forecast was going to be posted?? Since severe weather season is almost here.

17 03 2008

Seen any arks being built down there, anywhere. Gfs just keeps them rollin in at about 2 per week. Hope another Great Lake isn’t formed like in 93′.

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