Heavy Rain moves eastward & Easter Weekend Snow?

17 03 2008

BIG Storm System moves East

The big storm system brought Heavy rain and snow to Nebraska mainly this morning with 2-6″ of snow reported from Central Nebraska to Southeast South Dakota. Iowa and Eastern Nebraska got mainly rainfall with this system with generally .50 of rain or less. Areas in missouri are gonna get socked with the rain with possibly up to 6-8″ of rainfall near St Louis! Tremendous rainfall and Thunderstorms will continue well into tomorrow over Missouri and Eastern Kansas!

Weekend Storm

The latest GFS model and ECMWF model have been indicating a storm system developing over the Rockies and heading eastward. The Gfs paints a stripe of 6″ of snow from Northeast Nebraska to Central and Eastern Iowa. With less as you go further south. The interesting thing is that this comes right out of the pacific northwest, gathering strength and moisture as it heads east. This may be a system we have to watch, because this could turn out to be a big storm for a few locals. Since this is a easter weekend, i will keep a close eye on it.

Gfs above shows freezing line into iowa with possible moderate snowfall in Central and Northern and Eastern Iowa.

Severe Weather next week?

Well, the latest EURO and last GFs run were indicating a possible strong pressure with severe storms in Nebraska and Iowa next Monday and tuesday but it seams that the latest Gfs model totally took out any chances of any storm. I will continue to update you on this storm.


Craig McPeck
Chief Forecasting Operations




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