Spring Weather on the way!

18 03 2008

Spring Weather on the way!

Ahhhhhh! After some spring showers yesterday time to get some much needed nice weather! I still find it funny how we go from way below normal temperatures in one day to way above normal temperatures! What a wacky two weeks it has been for the Central Plains! After a very soupy and foggy morning in eastern Nebraska, Iowa and Southeast South Dakota, the clouds cleared and nice weather commenced on most of the heartland! Highs skyrocketed into the 40’s and 50’s for most locals! Highs should even soar even more as we head into Wednesday with 60 degree temperatures possible in Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri and 40’s and 50’s for Iowa and South Dakota. Now you know it cant last……it cant! We got a small little wave of low pressure to move through Thursday night with a few sprinkles and snow flurries in South Dakota Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. No big deal right? Right! As we head towards Easter Weekend, things turn to the worst! A storm system is set to move into the Heartland and move east through Kansas. An expected precip band of snow and rain is expected to form right over Southern South Dakota Minnesota Northeast Nebraska, Central and Eastern Iowa. The latest GFS is being the most aggressive model with this storm with 3-6″ of snowfall in Central and Easter Iowa! Do i think this will happen? No! I expect it to be further north and a bit weaker with only 2-4″ of snow maybe 5″ if your lucky. Most of Nebraska should escape any bad weather for the holiday weekend! While im talking about the nice weather the upper plains are having that is not so in Missouri! Missouri is getting pumled with VERY heavy rain and severe thunderstorms! Some locals in Missouri may receive up to 8″ of total rainfall! That is absolutely incredible! Rain and Thunderstorms will continue to train over the same area into the afternoon hours tomorrow and begin to move out tomorrow night. Most of the Central Plains should begin to dry out into Thursday! Most of the same next week with a possible storm system developing next week. The latest GFS model suggest a storm system develops next monday but no moisture involved with it. I will keep an eye on it because it looks ominous just sitting their and could very well turn out to be a big storm. Here is my new extended two week forecast;




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19 03 2008

Just curious….exactly how high do temperatures have to climb in your book to qualify as a “skyrocket” as compared with what they were at the start of the day? Typically temps rise about 22 degrees between the morning low and afternoon highs in Omaha…so I suspect that unless an “average” spread in temps qualifies as a “skyrocket”, the afternoon high would have to be considerably more than 22 degrees warmer than the morning low to qualify as a “skyrocketing temperature.” With that in mind, please tell me how high that “skyrocket” soared today, from our morning lows in the mid and upper 30s in Omaha. Thanks.

19 03 2008

I was just watching TWC and it’s possible that some areas in S. MO and N. AR could be seeing 1 to 1-1/2 FEET of rain by the time it ends there. You usually don’t see that much except with stalled tropical storms.

19 03 2008

Well, its just a figure of speech, it felt so good yesterday compared to monday.

Yes i do believe we will see an abnormaly and really severe season of thunderstorms. Expect it to be a wild spring and summer!

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