Spring just hours away!

19 03 2008


Some really big teams are coming to Omaha’s Qwest Center Omaha to play for the title! Thursday night features a big game with Kansas duking it out! It should be a chamber of commerce weather day with high temperatures in the 60’s. Thursday night should be tranquil and juke a light jacket will be needed when you are exiting the Qwest Center! Enjoy your basketball game!

Spring just hours away!

Ahh, spring time! Hasn’t it been a while folks! Thursday[Tomorrow] is the first day of spring! It has been the coldest winter in 10 years and i can say that im ready to say good bye to winter! Today was a beautiful day in the heartland with high temperatures reaching the 40’s 50’s and 60’s in Nebraska and 40’s and 50’s in Iowa as well as Much of South Dakota. Kansas had even warmer temperatures with highs mainly in the lower to upper 60’s. As we speak, a small area of spring showers is moving towards Eastern Nebraska. Will not amount to much but expect a few showers or sprinkles in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa before it falls apart. As we head into Thursday, it should be the warmest day of the week! It will truely fell like spring with mostly 50’s and 60’s for Nebraska, with 60’s and 70’s for Kansas and 50’s and 60’s for Iowa. Highs in South Dakota should be in the 40s, 50s, and 60’s for high temperatures.

Is Winter giving its last gasp….in Spring?!?!?

Yes! It appears so! Numerous Winter Storm Watches have been posted for Minnesota and Illinois with a storm system that will develop in the Kansas and head eastward. Areas in Northern Iowa eastern Iowa South Minnesota should get the brunt of the snowstorm. The track is perfect for Nebraska but with this type of low, no snow or rain is forecasted for much of Nebraska with this event. The current Gfs model gives Southern and Northeast Iowa as well as Chicago a good hefty batch of Snowfall with possible 4-8″ of new snowfall! The models also suggest some Convective thundersnow with this event with possible even higher totals up to 10″ in some areas! It appears that my long range forecast i made a while ago came true with the perfect track of this up coming storm.

Easter Weekend

The latest models have been giving a decent weekend for easter egg hunts for the kids with most of Nebraska and Iowa staying quiet. However, the model have been developing a MAJOR storm system in Kansas with light precip extending northward into Nebraska! Even more interesting that their would be sufficient cold air in Kansas and Nebraska so that a mix of snow and rain or just plain snow falls. This storm does not really move a whole lot but could give some meaningful rainfall to Texas and Oklahoma with some snowfall possible in Kansas. This storm defiently bears watching but at this point looks to move away from the OWO viewing area.

What about Next Week?

Currently its looking like a tranquil early next week. High temperatures early next week should recover to the 50’s 60’s and 70’s for high temps. Should be no storms but as we head later in the week the latest model have been developing a storm system later next week with possible snowstorm in Northern Plains and Severe Weather Outbreak somewhere in the Southern and Central Plains. But before that s strong southerly flow developes with windy conditions possible next week just ahead of the storm system developing in South Dakota! The next frame then developes the low pressure in Nebraska with strong southerly flow moving in Nebraska with showers developing on Wednesday in the Northern Plains!




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