1 07 2009


As advertised, the viewing area would move into a much stormier pattern starting Wednesday. From previous thoughts the Storm Prediction Center has shifted the severe risk further west out of our viewing area. Right as it appears now, most if not all of the Thunderstorm activity and severe weather will remain out of the viewing area for today.. Reguardless Thunderstorm chances increase through the Weekend with potential Isolated Severe storms later Thursday, Friday and Saturdays nights over parts of of the viewing area depending on where the warm front sets up across the Central Plains, currently looks a bit more south which would keep the greatest threat south of us. Cooler weather will remain with highs in the lower 80s and even some 70s for the viewing area on Thursday

Of course what will the 4th of July be like? According to weather data it appears their will be at least a 30-40% shot at Thunderstorms arriving later on Saturday Night. Most of the time on Independence day fireworks go off between 9:45-10:30 so at the time, firework festivities should be alright, but please stay tuned as these things can sneak up on us as we get closer. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!




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